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2018, Confluentes III, Museum Ludwig, Koblenz 


An interactive video sculpture in public space. The work was placed inside a cable car (Seilbahn Koblenz).

The viewer sees a hologram screen that shows variations of talking faces that are made up of three facial parts (forehead, eyes and mouth) of different people and upon random reshuffling make up new wholes. Below the screen is a hole. The visitor is asked to activate the hologram by inserting his hand into that hole. The face wakes up and tells a true secret. If, however, the hand is not kept in place for the entire duration of the revelation, the face closes its eyes and stops talking.

The people filmed by the artist become anonymous narrators, who, in an act of liberation, reveal their previously untold personal »secrets«, giving the viewer impressive insights into their souls. 

18 secrets - ca. 30min.

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